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שבוע 4- קולומבוס מגלה את צפון אירופה

לרגל סיום שבוע צפון אירופה, קולומבוס מפנק אתכם בפוסט מיד ראשונה, מישהו שיודע מה זה לשמוע מוזיקה במינוס 20 מעלות, חבר טוב שלי מדנמרק, דייויד רהוף ממליץ לכם על משהו שהוא ממש אוהב: This Danish band has a unique sound – which is mostly 60's and 70's inspired southern rock. These two songs I have chosen, 'My Tornado' and 'Attack of the Ghost Riders', are from their 2002 debut e.p. 'Whip It On'. This record is my favorite of The Raveonettes. It is very tough, raw and stoned in a strange way. Quite dark impression. The other albums they've made are all very good, but I feel like 'Whip It On' is the core of the band. The Raveonettes consists of leadsingers Sune Wagner and Sharin Foo. Before starting The Raveonettes Wagner was a member of a famous Danish 90's grunge band, Psyched Up Janis. If you like the sound, I can really recommend checking out their other albums. Some are very sunny, laid-back retro while others are tougher and more intense. The Raveonettes have, deserverdly gained fairly big fanbase worldwide, and they still continue to work on albums. Enjoy! 🙂


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